Welcome to Material Editor !!!

It is a powerful configurator of floors and walls online, it was developed to cover a need (SHOW) the different styles of floors and walls and to combine them with each other. It was created for companies in the field, who want to take a step forward towards a new technology, and at the same time provide added value on their website, improving the user experience that visits them, as well as showing their line of products in Your Show-Room. Because of its ease of use, you can create different material schemes for the project that your client has in mind, being able to change criteria over and over again until the most appropriate combination is found.

Sell more

In Material Editor you will find an ally to make more sales and improve the profitability of your business, it will grant added value to your clients when offering your products. Your sales team can, through an attractive visual stimulus, help the client to make the decision of the product to be acquired, showing how the desired floor will be applied.


Currently Material Editor has 8 different scenographies: 2 Living Rooms / 2 Bedrooms / 2 Kitchens / 2 Bathrooms. You can also request the realization of exclusive scenographies.


No need to install any program or plugin. Simple and intuitive navigation, satisfaction guaranteed.


Quick simple and intuitive. Whatever your browser and operating system. Optimized for tablets and smartphones.


The simulations are generated in two seconds. The user experience is vital for the success of a website.


With a minimalist, modern and attractive design, it will add a value to your website.


Once personalized with your products and your company logo, you will receive a link which you can embed in your current website, in a very simple way. In this way, your customized version of the publisher material will be incorporated into your website and will be used by your audience and your sales team in your Show Room.


The only requirement is to receive from our customers, the textures corresponding to the products that will be exposed in Material Editor. These textures will be replicated in the 8 available scenographies, below an example of some textures.

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